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Michael Snow

At HFC Mr. Snow underwrites mortgage applications in accordance with the MAP guide and LEAN directives.  Responsibilities include reviewing all third party reports such as the appraisal, Market Study and Project Capital Needs Assessment, as well as, preparing the underwriting Narrative.  He is responsible for describing the characteristics of the proposed mortgage, evaluating the financial capacity of the borrower, evaluating the property’s financial capacity, evaluating risk factors and completing or overseeing completion of HUD forms 92013, 92013-HCF, 92264, 92264-HCF, 92264A, 92273, 92274 and others.

Michael Snow was a Deal Manager with Greystone Financial Group and was responsible for origination and facilitating processing of multifamily loans.  Mr. Snow specializes in loans to healthcare and senior housing facilities.  He is a member of the Georgia Health Care Association and the Alabama Nursing Home Association and was recently a session speaker at the Life Services Network Annual Convention and Tradeshow.

Prior to joining Greystone, Mr. Snow held a similar position with Key Bank.  He began his FHA career with American Capital Resource (ACR), where he held various positions of increasing responsibility.  His underwriting career began in 1992 in the Atlanta office of ACR, where he was responsible for the underwriting of multifamily properties and healthcare facilities with the HUD Delegated Processing Program.    Additionally he was the Denver Regional Manger of ACR from 1996 to 1999.  In this capacity, Mr. Snow was responsible for the origination and processing of FHA and FNMA mortgage loans.

In 2000, as President of Integra Capital, he obtained an FHA “Eagle” for the company, obtained authorization to process and underwrite Multifamily Accelerated Processing loans, including healthcare loans.  While at Integra he was active in providing credit enhancement to tax-exempt healthcare bonds.

He was Executive Vice President of Steinemann & Company, which acquired and renovated the Life of Georgia Tower, a $50 million acquisition financed by GE Credit.  Additionally, he was involved in the acquisition and renovation of the Peachtree-Lenox Building, and the development of Oakbrook Office park.

During his career, Mr. Snow was Executive Vice President of Interfinancial Real Estate Management Company.  In this capacity he directed the oversight of over 90 Federal and state program multifamily properties.  These properties were located in 17 different states and required a variety of actions to maintain their self-sufficiency.  In particular he was involved in the restructuring of one of the largest loans made by the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, as well as, many other apartment properties.

Mr. Snow holds a BS degree in accounting from Robert Morris College Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He was been awarded the designation of Certified Property Manager and has also practiced as a Certified Public Accountant with Price Waterhouse.  Additionally, he is licensed by the State of Georgia as a real estate broker.